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Camm Trial Begins With Bloody Photos, Request for Mistrial

Ex-trooper accused in murders of wife and two children in 2000


David Camm (photo courtesy RTV6)

The murder trial of former state trooper David Camm has begun in Lebanon, with prosecutors asking for a mistrial over a violation of imits on what the jury can hear.


Special prosecutor Stan Levco sought the mistrial over comments during opening statements regarding a key prosecution witness, Charles Boney, who's serving a 205-year sentence for his involvement in the murders of Camm's wife and two young children. Prosecutors contend Boney sold Camm the gun, and was on hand while Camm ambushed his family in their garage. The defense says Boney committed the murders, and Camm is innocent. But in laying out that case in opening statements, attorney Richard Kammen referred to Boney's supposed foot fetish.

Kim Camm wasn't wearing socks when she was found, and Kammen suggests Boney took them. But the foot-fetish reference violates strict limits on what the jury is allowed to hear about Boney's background, including his criminal record. An angry Judge Jon Dartt didn't rule out sanctions against Kammen, but denied the mistrial motion. He says his warning to the jury to disregard the comment should be enough.

Once testimony got underway, prosecutors began tracing the timeline of the investigation, with testimony about Camm's initial call reporting the murders -- not to 911, but to his former State Police post in Sellersburg. They also introduced a series of bloody crime scene photos of the three bodies, which left a couple of jurors dabbing at their eyes.

Camm has gone on trial twice before, only to have convictions overturned on appeal.

Prosecutors contend Camm went out of his way to establish an alibi, slipped away from the gym where he'd been playing basketball, killed his family, and removed his wife's pants in an attempt to make it look like a sex crime. The defense says Boney's DNA, which surfaced between Camm's first two trials, was on the scene not because he was an accomplice, but because he acted alone.

The trial was moved from Camm's Floyd County home to Lebanon because of pretrial publicity.

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