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IMPD Officers Testify in David Bisard Trial


Fellow Indianapolis police officers are testifying in the trial of David Bisard, who stands accused of reckless homicide and drunk driving in a crash that killed one person and injured two others in 2010.

Assistant Chief Ron Hicks and District Commander John Conley relayed a familiar theme on the stand Friday morning. They didn't didn't detect any drunken behavior from Bisard at the scene.  

Sgt. Jerry Peterson also said there was no reason to doubt that Bisard was anything but sober.  The defense asked if Bisard exhibited any behavior at the scene including calling for assistance and giving accurate assessment of the location of the scene and Peterson said he did.

Defense continues is attempting to cast doubt on claims the suspended police officer was drunk.  The police department and FBI reports, 67 witnesses say they didn't detect alcohol on Bisard. 

Blood tests showed Bisard tested twice the legal limit for soberity. Defense attorneys have maintained throughout the investigation and case, that evidence is unreliable.

The trial continues Monday.


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