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Morrison to Make Second Bid for 2nd District Congressional Seat

Democrat seeks nod against GOP freshman Walorski



Democrats have one prime target in Indiana in next year's congressional elections in Indiana, and the field is beginning to take shape.


Freshman Republican Jackie Walorski won the Second District by a single point last year. Democrat Dan Morrison wants a second chance at challenging her -- he won nine of 10 counties in last year's primary, but losing the largest county, Saint Joe, cost him the nomination.

Morrison says he didn't decide to run last year until a week before the filing deadline, and had just four campaign volunteers. He says his 2014 bid will be larger and better organized.

Mprrison charges Walorski exemplifies a Republican Party preoccupied with smaller government at the expense of seeking constructive solutions to problems from economic opportunity to immigration. He complains the income disparity in the U-S has steadily widened over the last three decades.

Morrison says a commitment to building up infrastructure would be in line with even a conservative view of the proper role of government. And the Comcast sales official says the U.S. needs to end the long-running stalemate over illegal immigrants already in the country. He says those who have gotten jobs and stayed out of trouble with the law should be allowed to stay legally.

The district is the only congressional race in Indiana expected to be competitive in 2014. Notre Dame administrator and former Missouri state legislator Joe Bock is also expected to run for the Democratic nod -- he says he'll announce his plans next week. South Bend State Representative Ryan Dvorak and 2012 nominee Brendan Mullen both considered but ruled out a run.


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