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Leonardo - The Dinosaur - Arrives At Children's Museum

Duck-billed dino is one of the best preserved ever found


Leonardo the dinosaur ( photo: Ray Steele)

There is a dinosaur in Indianapolis, and it just happens to be one of the rarest finds in the history of paleontology.

Listen to Ray's report from Indy's Morning News:

The duck-billed dinosaur named Leonardo is at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It is the best-preserved remains of a dinosaur in the world, and it is almost completely intact - including it's stomach, and it's contents. "Sand covered up Leonardo so rapidly, that the things that eat corpses, like crayfish, couldn't get in," said Dr. Robert Bakker, a well known paleontologist who currently works for the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Scales and tissue have been found on less than one-tenth of one-percent of all dinosaurs ever excavated. When Leonardo was discovered in Malta, Montana in 2001, about 90-percent of his body was still covered in fossilized soft tissue. That makes his discovery very important to test what we think we know about dinosaurs - whether or not that information might be correct. "This particular specimen is the test to a lot of hypotheses we have had over the last 150 years," said Dave Trexler, staff paleontologist with the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta, which is loaning Leonardo to the Children's Museum for the next ten years.

Leonardo is now being studied by scientists who work with the Children's Museum's Dinosphere exhibit, and he will go on public display in March 2014.



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