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Purdue Expert Offers Advice to Victims of Target Credit Card Breach


Target is still dealing with the large security breach which saw 40 million people have their credit card or debit card information stolen by hackers.

Listen to Alex Brown's interview with Dr. Marcus Rogers:

Dr. Marcus Rogers, Director of the Purdue University Cyberforensics Lab, says he's a little surprised by the number of people affected by the breach.  However, he says the reason that happened was because of the "aggregation of data." 

"Nowadays, you're actually seeing larger databases of information like credit card numbers and personal information and the larger the database, the more attractive the target is for the criminals because now they only have one place to attack as opposed to several," Dr. Rogers says.

Dr. Rogers says anyone who thinks their information might have been stolen should cancel their credit cards as a precaution.  He says those who specifically have Target credit cards should definitely cancel them.  "When in doubt, cancel the card.  You can get another card reissued.  That's much easier to deal with getting another card than it is dealing with the subsequent monitoring and, heaven forbid, any type of identity theft happening on your account."

Dr. Rogers says the best advice for companies hoping to prevent this behavior in the future should make sure any information that passes through their system, from the point-of-sale to a storage database, is encrypted.


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