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New Poll Shows Support for Same-Sex Marriage Ban


A new poll conducted for Indiana House and Senate Republicans shows a majority of Hoosiers support amending the Indiana Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Listen:  Bob Carpenter with 93 WIBC's Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

53% said they supported the amendment banning same-sex marriage.  However, Bob Carpenter, President of Chesapeake Beach Consulting which conducted the poll, says 54% opposed the ban when voters were told about the potential for civil unions and domestic partnerships to be affected by the ban.

"We asked, 'If that was true, would you support or oppose the amendment?' and we found that they oppose the amendment when told that that second sentence could be problematic," Carpenter says.

The poll says a majority of voters approve the removal of the language regarding civil unions and domestic partnerships as it "takes away the main argument of opponents and increases the chances of passage."  43% of voters also indicated that a legislator voting to remove that language would not have an affect on their vote to re-elect that legislator.

Carpenter says 80% thought the same-sex marriage issue was important enough to let the voters decide.  However, only 47% said prohibiting same-sex marriage should be a high priority for the legislature.  

"While voters are supportive of the consitutional amendment, it's not their highest priority in terms of what the legislature should be dealing with this year," Carpenter says.

Carpenter says voters thought job creation and public school funding were more high-priority issues.


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