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Report From Las Vegas: Heavy Police Presence On Strip

Photo Credit-Ethen Miller/Getty

Will Padget, a former WIBC producer, currently lives in Las Vegas and calls in to update us on how the city is responding after the mass shooting.

According to Will, access to parts of the strip is completely closed down.

“I’m down here on the southern edge on the strip right now. I tried to walk down there… law enforcement has everything locked down. There are officers everywhere, more than I’ve ever seen since I’ve been down there.”

Along with a high presence of law enforcement, Will explains that the amount of media that has descended to Vegas is considerably higher. He goes to on say that the amount of tourist traffic is lower than usual.

“There are still a very good number of tourists walking around, but nowhere near where it normally is. The mood is somber.”

While the overall mood may be somber on this day, Will details how responsive and helpful law enforcement and first responders have been.

“To the best of my knowledge, law enforcement and security personal have done an outstanding job of responding to the scene. It seems as though they have done a very good job of getting people who are injured where they need to go. They are out to provide a fence of security and actively going to people to make sure they are OK.”

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