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Robert Mathis Charged With OWI In October Traffic Stop

Mathis was legally drunk when he was pulled over in Carmel, but police say a sleeping pill mixed with alcohol he consumed contributed to the charge.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Colts linebacker Robert Mathis has officially been charged with OWI by the Hamilton County prosecutor. 

Mathis was stopped after going the wrong way down a one way street in Carmel in mid-October. The officer who pulled him over did a preliminary breath test in which Mathis blew a .043, meaning he was legally drunk. He later blew a .052 at the Carmel Police Department

Though his BAC was below the acceptable .08, Carmel police say a sleeping pill he took which mixed with the alcohol he had consumed contributed to the charge. 

Mathis told the arresting officer he had one shot of Cognac and had taken a sleeping aid. He later told police he had also taken two shots of Crown Royal, according to the police report.  


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