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Diane Keaton on Weinstein, Interior Design and Mr. Goodbar

"Annie Hall" star addresses annual Indiana Conference for Women

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton says she's never experienced sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Keaton addressed the Indiana Conference for Women to talk about her new home-design book. In a Q-and-A afterward, she said she's never seen or experienced the assault and harassment which scores of actresses are now saying they've endured. 

"That's maybe because I wasn't quite attractive enough or something, I don't know, but it never happened," Keaton said. In response to a fan's question about her critically praised performance in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," she says even that envelope-pushing role of a woman pursuing increasingly risky one-night stands didn't alter how she was treated in Hollywood. 

The "Annie Hall" star frequently turned questions back on their questioners, declining to offer advice or name a fashion icon who inspired her signature style, instead asking audience members for theirs or suggesting their questions implied already-held opinions. But with Hollywood reeling from allegations of assault and other misconduct against figures from producer Harvey Weinstein to actor Kevin Spacey, several women in the audience returned to the subject in search of an insider's view. Keaton at one point sardonically mock-apologized for not writing a more interesting book.

Keaton quickly dismissed a suggestion the recent scandals are changing the climate for women in Hollywood. But soon after, she rejected another questioner's suggestion that the allegations against Spacey, by male actors and crew members, have been addressed faster than those against Weinstein. Keaton says since the accusations became public, both men have faced swift and serious consequences, with Weinstein facing a renewed criminal investigation. And she says as the allegations pile up, response times are speeding up.

Keaton's book, "The House That Pinterest Built," chronicles her redesign of her home, taking inspiration from photos she found on Pinterest. The actress enthusiastically describes herself as "obsessed" with the site after being introduced to it by director Nancy Meyers. She says it's a modern miracle to have instant access to billions of photos of design ideas from around the world.

Diane Keaton (Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

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