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Indiana Rep. Pushes for Sports Gambling

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Representative Alan Morrison of Terre Haute joins the show. He’s got a bill that has Hammer’s name written all over it. The bill focuses on sports gambling in Indiana.

“Over the last handful of years we’ve been seeing the landscape change when it comes to sports wagering… All my bill says is that if the federal law changes and sports wagering is now legal in all 50 state then Indiana will have the infrastructure in place to offer sports wagering. We’ll be on an even playing field with other states… We’re trying to set the stage to when the federal law changes, we won’t be reactive, we’ll be proactive.

One issue that may be presented is how the NCAA, which has its headquarters in Indianapolis, may put forward some resistance towards this bill.

“I’m sensitive to the fact that the NCAA has a hard stance on sports wagering… I understand where they are coming from, but my message to them is ‘Don’t burden Indiana’s gaming industry if other states are able to benefit from it as well.’”


Listen to the full interview with Representative Alan Morrison 

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