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Meet Daisy and Mock

If you prefer a political site that is more buttoned-up than miniskirt, we’re probably not for you. We like snark, we like to have fun, and our site reflects that. We don’t claim to be journalists or political experts or economists or anything other than two cool chicks who like to tell people what we think about stuff. In other words, what you’ll read is our opinions on today’s political news, culture, and the media.

Except that instead of being served up all newsy and serious, it’ll sound more like you’ve just sat down for cocktails with us, after shopping for shoes. We welcome liberals and conservatives alike to join in the discussion, and encourage lively but civil discourse. You’re even welcome to use words like “target” and “crosshairs” when you comment, and we won’t call you a terrorist or anything...

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A soldier who recently went to visit his wife in South Carolina and see the couple’s newborn baby for the first time claimed he was kicked out of her apartment by the building’s landlord because he overstayed the time allotted for visitors, according to a report. OH MY GAWD...
According to this , the New York Fire Department has stopped requiring probationary firefighters to pass a physical skills test before they're hired, because, and I'm not making this up, not enough women are passing it. Just let that sink in, y'all. Not enough women are...
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If you haven't heard about the word "freshman" being banned by Elon University in North Carolina, you have to check this out. Because holy crap. Side note: We're pretty sure that the reason college tuition is so expensive is because we're paying waaay too many administration...
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