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For the Big Story this morning, Tony discusses and gives his thoughts on the NYPD officers turning their backs to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio....AGAIN!... this time at one of the officer's funerals.
Tony this morning talks about a story of a women who says that the classic Christmas movie "The Christmas Story" is a racist movie.
This morning Tony talks about long-time Colts Play-By-Play Announcer Bob Lamey missing his first broadcast and with Tony's voice being hoarse from being sick, Darren Emery thinks he knows who he really sounds like.
Seems everyone on the Morning News went to the theaters over the holiday break and they discussed this morning what they saw... And then some movie viewers who don't have any theater etiquette!
This morning Tony reads the poem from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow titled "Christmas Bells" as the poem gives us a sense of hope and Tony ties this into today's world as we all have hope that good prevails over evil.
This morning, Tony explains to you and gives his thoughts (and he's not happy about this decision!) about our request for licensing to do a Free Screening of the movie "Team America: World Police" that was denied by Paramount after the Sony Hack scare.
Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers joined Tony this morning to discuss NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's press conference yesterday where he blamed the media for causing the divide and what his political future might be since the NYPD has no confidence in him.
Tony and News Director Mike Wilson discuss the surprise deal WISH-TV made to acquire the local rights to the CW Network from Tribune Broadcasting, with an additional "man-made" sound effects from Mike and Darren Emery.
This morning Fox News Radio's Jared Halpern joined Tony as they discussed the 9-hour or so Internet "denial of service" in North Korea, if it was a response to the Sony Hack and who may, if anyone, been behind it.