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Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers joined Tony this morning to discuss the latest on the Ray Rice case and word this morning of some new information that was discovered this morning.
Terri Stacy from WIBC's Neighbor To Neighbor program joined Tony this morning for her Friday weekly segment to let you know where she and the Neighbor To Neighbor program will be this weekend.
Tony speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio as she gives us more details on how the President's ISIS/ISIL response outline has been received on The Hill.
Tony discusses with State Epidemiololgist Pam Pontones from the Indiana State Department of Health how many children are infected with it, how it effects them and how you can prevent getting the virus.
Tony and Noah Rothman from discuss the reaction on Capitol Hill to President Obama's address to the Nation about how the U.S. will respond to the ISIS/ISIL threat.
Tony re-lives the tragic events of 13 years ago with then-WIBC Morning host Jeff Pigeon and Terri Stacy.
Tony gets Indiana Senator Dan Coats' reaction to President Obama's address to the Nation on how the U.S. will respond to the growing ISIS/ISIL threat.
***WEB ONLY EXCLUSIVE*** Tony and Stephen Yates, CEO of DCI Advisory, discuss how the U.S. SHOULD respond to the ISIS/ISIL terrorists.
Tony and DCI Advisory CEO Stephen Yates discuss what the White House strategy will be when President Obama addresses the Nation tonight.