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A twist with the Colts Update this morning as Tony spoke with Jay Graves from about the Indiana Pacers and their buzzer-beater win over the Hornets last night. This with just their 2nd and 3rd string playing with all the injuries they've had this season.
This morning, Tony and Paige look back at local history, as ugly as it was, on the 10th Anniversary of the "Malice At The Palace".
1070 The Fan's Conrad Brunner joined Tony this morning as he shared his experience from 10 years ago and the "Malice At The Palace" when he was working for the Pacers on their website.
Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers joined Tony this morning to discuss one of the most bizarre things imaginable...Jose Canseco's shot-off, rotting finger and what he wants to do with it now.
WIBC Reporter Ray Steele joined Tony this morning to discuss the Superintendent Of Public Instruction position being changed from an elected office to an office appointed by the governor of the state. The office is currently being held by the lone Democrat elected, Glenda Ritz.
This morning Tony explained his first "snow shoveling" experience since moving here to Indianapolis earlier this year.
Protest group Justice For Mike Brown create target list in the St. Louis metro area so this morning Tony created his own "target list".'s Duane Lester joined Tony this morning as they discussed Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's response to a question from a reporter from the Huffington Post if he thought the "Buck Stops Here" with Gov. Nixon by how any protest is policed.
This morning Tony explained why the Democrats are going crazy.