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This morning IMPD Chief Rick Hite joined Tony as they discussed the killing of two NYPD officers over the weekend and how our own force is on a higher alert but also points out how IMPD works closely with community leaders to keep peace in the city.
For The Big Story this morning, Tony goes in depth on the murdering of two NYPD officers over the weekend.
Tony this morning talked about something he's known would happen since it was created; how the E-Z Pass is capable of checking how fast you are going between toll booths. And now people are getting caught!
This morning Tony discusses the guilt of North Korea in the hacking of Sony Pictures. But, are they really guilty? Check out Tony's article on this as well at
Mike Wilson and Tony talk this morning about the woman who wants to trademark the phrase "I Can't Breath".
This morning Tony discusses the story from the Indianapolis Star of more craft breweries opening in Indiana in the future.
Jon Gabriel from joined Tony this morning to discuss his article "Kim Jong Un To Host Oscar Awards" this year.
Terri Stacy stepped into the studio and joined Tony this morning and as the show was coming back from a break, turns out Paige played one of Terri's favorite songs thus the fitting headline!
For the Big Story this morning Tony talks about America's reaction to Sony pulling the release of "The Interview" after the North Korean threat against us if they did release it.