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Tony this morning spoke with Indy Eleven Goalkeeper Kristian Nicht about the teams first home win in their very first season of existence and what it means to the team.
This morning, Greg Rakestraw, the radio voice of the Indy Eleven and Program Director for 1070 The Fan, joined Tony this morning to discuss the Indy Eleven's first HOME win of the season and to discuss Florida State's drop in the polls to #2 ahead of their game against Notre...
Jim Geraghty of National Review joined Tony this morning as they discussed what the President and the CDC should do to help stop the spread of Ebola.
Gerry Dick joined Tony this morning for his weekly visit as they discussed some Indiana cities trying to create a "manufacturing triangle" that would potentially help each city and the region within it.
To end the show this morning Tony and Paige discussed how Gwyneth Paltrow calls herself a "working mom" meanwhile Mike Wilson is deafened by a pair of headphones previously used by Terri Stacy.
Many have been giving Tony a lot of flack for his take on the Ebola case here in the U.S. but, as it shows, he was right when he said there would be a run on pharmacies throughout the United States when their is lack of information being sent out.
This morning Tony played some audio of an incident involving Harry Reid's body guards bullying Jason Mattera, author of "Crapitalism", when Jason was trying to ask the Senator a few questions.
This morning Tony and Paige began the show this morning welcoming Colts Owner Jim Irsay back on Twitter (his social media suspension imposed by the NFL ends at 12 Noon today).
DCI's Stephen Yates joined Tony this morning as they discussed the latest threat to an American to be beheaded by the terror group ISIS/ISIL, Indianapolis-native Peter Kassig.