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This morning, Abdul joined Tony this morning as they disagreed about Abdul's Indy Star article he wrote on same-sex marriage and conservatives.
Tony and Paige this morning discuss how some on the City-County Council are against deer kills in Eagle Creek Park while this same Council approved a budget, albeit only half of what Mayor Ballard wanted, to repair the streets in Indianapolis.
This morning, Tony, Mike and Paige talk about the knife-welding clowns roaming the streets of Bakersfield California and the "F" rating Uber has recieved.
After speaking with Rep. Andre Carson earlier in the show, Tony gets in more detail about the response of the Administration to this Ebola outbreak.
Seventh Indiana District Congressman Andre Carson joined Tony this morning as they discussed if the Obama Administration has responded quick enough and if they're doing enough to stop the spread of Ebola.
This morning Tony spoke with Carmel Councilman Rick Sharp about all the spending being done on Carmel's infrastructure and where the funding is coming from.
Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio joined Tony this morning as they discussed the latest on the EnterovirusD68 and if it's mutated.
This morning, Tony decided on the air that he wants an RV.
WIBC Racing Insider Mike Thomsen joined Tony this morning as they talked about the boxing match following the end of this weekend's race between Matt Kenseth and Brad Keselowski, to which other drivers got involved.