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Protest group Justice For Mike Brown create target list in the St. Louis metro area so this morning Tony created his own "target list".'s Duane Lester joined Tony this morning as they discussed Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's response to a question from a reporter from the Huffington Post if he thought the "Buck Stops Here" with Gov. Nixon by how any protest is policed.
This morning Tony explained why the Democrats are going crazy.
Tony, Paige and Darren discuss the decor on the Monument outside our studio that was put up this weekend despite the scaffolding in place to repair some of the structure.
Tony's thoughts this morning on the murder of Army Ranger and Indianapolis-native Peter Kassig by ISIS.
More damaging audio was released over the weekend about the lies of ObamaCare by Jonathan Gruber and if you missed it, Tony gave you the details this morning.
Gerry Dick joined Tony for his weekly Monday morning visit as they discuss the announcement of several non-stop flights added to and from Indianapolis International Airport and the impact it will have on the city and a review of Steve Forbes' visit to Indy last week.
Conrad Brunner from 1070 The Fan joined Tony this morning for the Colts Update as they reviewed the Colts 42-20 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.'s Noah C. Rothman joined Tony this morning to discuss more of the lies of Dr. Jonathan Gruber while putting together ObamaCare and Noah's article detailing it.