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Tony and Emily Wither from Fox News Radio discuss the latest on ISIS/ISIL in Syria and Iraq and the announcement yesterday that the U.S. may begin manned and/or unmanned surveillance flights over Syria to gather intel on the movement of ISIS/ISIL troops.
This morning, Tony gives his take on President Obama giving Executive Amnesty to around 5 Billion illegal immigrants here in the United States.
Tony and National Review's Jim Geraghty discuss the differences within the "Beltway" on what to do about ISIS, as some are suggesting that they're now starting External Operations because of weekend Twitter activity.
Tony and you get the latest on what happened over the weekend in Ferguson with Fox News Radio's Jessica Golloher as Michael Brown, the young man shot and killed by police while in their custody, is laid to rest.
Tony and Fox News Radio's Jared Halpern talk about the response to ISIL/ISIS from the White House and Capitol Hill as decisions could be made to expand US airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS into Syria. There seems to be a split in the Administration as what to do next.
Tony and Inside Indiana Business' Gerry Dick discuss the announced expansion at the Toyota plant in Princeton creating hundreds of new jobs and more on SunKing's expansion plans.
Tony and Indiana Pacers Director of Corporate Communications Eddie White discuss the Pacers 2014/15 season game day entertainment auditions coming up in a couple weeks. If you've got talent, they're looking for you!
Terri Stacy from WIBC's Neighbor To Neighbor program lets Tony and you know where she will be this weekend and she also has a special request of YOU for an upcoming special involving The Beatles!
Tony gets the latest info on the race for the GOP to re-gain control of the US Senate as Fox News Radio's Jared Halpern fills us in on the key Senate battleground races.