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Tony kicked the show off this morning discussing with Paige the Discovery Channel's "Eaten Alive" show were a man will be eaten alive by an Anaconda.
Indiana Daily Student Fall 2014 Sports Editor Sam Beishuizen joined Tony this morning as they discussed the reaction of students on the Bloomington campus about the suspension and conduct of the players at the basketball program.
This morning Tony spoke with Ben Wilterdink, Tax & Legislative Analyst at The ALEC Center For State Fiscal Reform, about the ruling from the Indiana Supreme Court that the Right To Work Law does NOT violate the Constitution.
The Big Story this morning was the announcement that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard will not seek a 3rd term in office. Tony and Mike discuss the possible candidates for the next Mayor of the city.
Paige this morning got upset with Tony by using the term "woman" when Daisy from The Chicks On The Right came into the studio. Daisy joined the conversation and discussed their book tour in New York and informed us that the hotel they stayed at had bed bugs! Eeeewwwwwwwwwww!
Tony this morning is stumped as to how, as he thinks, an ugly singer like Marc Anthony can end up with Supermodel women.
This morning Tony sets the record straight about Ann Coulter's rant on how 3rd party politics is stupid.
971 HANK-FM's Dave O'Brien checked in with Tony this morning live from Nashville with a recap of last night's CMA winners.
There was a list released of the Best Pizza by state and this morning Tony, Mike, Darren and Paige, along with you on Twitter and the phones, had the debate of who was the best in Indianapolis.