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Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland joined Tony this morning to discuss what the Lame Duck Congress may or may not accomplish in their remaining session til the end of the year.
What was ment as a compliment by Tony on yesterday's program about an article in the Indy Star has now turned a bit "ugly" by a Tweet from one of their photographers.
This morning Tony spoke with Mount Saint Joseph coach Dan Benjamin about the Cure Starts Now and Lauren Hill, one of his players who got to play in a game after being diagnosed with a fatal brain cancer.
This morning Abdul joined Tony in studio to discuss who's in and who's out in the race for mayor of Indianapolis now that current mayor Greg Ballard has said he will not seek a 3rd term.
Fox News Radio's Alastair Wanklyn joined Tony this morning to discuss President Obama's trip to China, where he's not seen as a Superpower leader but more of a joke.
For the Big Story this morning after hearing from you on social media and the phones, Tony explains what he believes makes a hero on this Veterans Day.
This morning Tony spoke with columnist Kurt Schlichter as they discussed and dismantled the posted blog by an Indiana man, who has since deleted his Twitter account, that American soldiers are not heroes!
Carrying over from the discussion on Friday, Tony and Mike this morning discussed the video Mike made of his class at "Roundabout School" on Saturday in his beloved town of Speedway.
This morning the crew discussed the Top 5 worst intersections for accidents in Marion County.