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This morning Tony came across a story on our news-gathering partners at RTV 6's website about a protester at the #blacklivesmatter protest over the weekend, in the foreground photo with a sign that reads "Stand For Something". Tony takes his "stand".
This morning, Tony sees a story from our own Eric Berman that Gov. Mike Pence is taking a trip later this month to Israel. this political trolling for a Presidential run later or are we being "Punked"?
IU Health announced they are changing their Absence Policy and the nurses who work their are very upset over it. This morning Tony discussed it and we heard from you as well and what you thought.
For the Big Story this morning Tony response to an email he received from a listener who says that we should not have read the hacked Sony email on the air yesterday. Tony broke it down in detail.
This morning Tony discusses the arrest of Miss Indiana 2013 for being drunk and disorderly after knocking on a house door for a half an hour. Meanwhile, Paige explains that something must have set her off to act out the way she did.
Yesterday, Greg Garrison made the big announcement on his show. This morning Tony followed up by announcing it to you on Indy's Morning News that he will now be on until 10am.
Tony and Mike Wilson spoke with INDOT Public Information Director for the East Central District Nathan Riggs this morning to get some answers as to why the ramp systems to I-465 and I-65 on the southside were shut down during rush hour causing a major parking lot on the highways...
This morning the show kicks off with exactly what is it, #bigfatbabythursday So, who do you think is the cutest Big Fat Baby?'s Noah C Rothman joined Tony this morning to discuss his article on, "If Democrats Do It, It's Not A Government Shutdown" about why the GOP walked away from their earlier promises knowing they will control Congress in the new year.