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Tony and Jim Geraghty from National Review this morning discussed how Vice President Joe Biden continues to insert his foot in mouth to our allies in the Middle East.
This morning Tony and Gerry Dick from Inside Indiana Business discuss the rising costs of getting a college education.
This morning, Tony breaks down the Ben Affleck rant on "Real Time with Bill Maher" where he (Affleck) all but calls the Maher panel "racists". In his Extra Point, Tony further breaks down the Ben Affleck rant:
This morning, what began as a story on California Wineries turned into an all morning debate between Tony and Paige on "toasted muffins vs. warm muffins".
This morning Tony and Paige played "What's More Pathetic?" with two different about the music group Rage Against The Machine and the other about Charlie Sheen. Your thoughts are welcome on WIBC's Twitter page!
Tony starts the show off with a bang this morning as he gives his opinion on the anti-guns group "Moms Demand Action", who will present their petition to Kroger stores today.
Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio joined Tony this morning to discuss the White House security breach and the resignation of the head of the Secret Service yesterday afternoon.
Opening segment from this morning's show as the weather cools and firepits and bonfires become plentiful in the Fall season, Tony continues to look for a Chininea.
This morning following Tony's interview with DPW Spokesperson Stephanie Wilson about the city's pothole problem and lack of funding, it became the "Big Story" of the day as Tony opened up the phonelines and wanted to know where the bad roads were.