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This morning's Noah C Rothman joined Tony as they discussed the baffling decision by the Grand Jury in New York City to pursue charges against an officer who had Eric Garner in a chokehold and Mr. Garner ended up dying from his injuries.
Tony and the crew this morning discuss the fast food workers protest demanding $15/hour wages for working in the industry.
This morning we played "Name That Republican", a game where you guess which possible GOP candidate is running for Mayor of Indianapolis.
This morning Tony kicked the show off with the newest Arby's commercial featuring Pepsi since they screwed up their contractual agreement. The way the went about it was genius!
This morning WIBC Political and Statehouse Reporter Eric Berman joined Tony to discuss the not so much political party differences, but the differences in general on the upcoming legislative session where the battle for Sunday Alcohol sales looks to be intoxicating.
For the Big Story this morning, outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wants to end racial profiling in America. This is Tony's commentary on the story.
The Colts Update this morning was with 1070 The Fan's Conrad Brunner. He and Tony discuss "Johnny Clipboard"'s chances of starting against the Colts on Sunday in Cleveland.
For the Big Story this morning Tony comments and gives his thoughts on the 5 St. Louis Rams players who came out of the tunnel during pre-game with their hands up in support of Michael Brown.
This morning Tony spoke with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio as she explained why the Supreme Court is hearing arguments over free speech on Facebook and when might the Court rule on it.