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For the Big Story this morning, Tony takes two stats, one for Most Affordable States, and another for the number of December thefts reported and fire claims, and explains how the two are tied into one another.
WIBC Political Reporter Eric Berman joined Tony this morning as they discussed the passing of the "CROmnibus" bill in the U.S. House and what it actually is.
Yesterday Tony talked about loving the Phrase "Big Fat Baby" so he's declared tomorrow as Throw Back Thursday, the "Big Fat Baby" Edition. Get yours out and tune in tomorrow, follow us on Instagram or Twitter to share your photos with the hashtag #Bigfatbabythursday photos! Let'...
American Commitment's Phil Kerpen joined Tony this morning as they discussed the first videos of Jonathan Gruber released by Kerpen showing how Gruber was gloating about duping the American people on ObamaCare by calling them stupid!
A debate late this morning between Paige and Tony...who's easier to raise, a boy or a girl? Oh my! YOU weighed in!
This morning Tony and News Director Mike Wilson discuss former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White's push to have his felony conviction overturned due to ineffective council.
This morning Tony ran across an article from The Washington Post talking about how Sweden is leaning toward a feminist foreign policy due to the "macho image" of it's neighbor Russia and Putin.
This morning National Review's Jim Geraghty joined Tony as he broke down the Michael Tomasky article which boils down to a temper-tantrum about the Democrats giving up on the Southern states since they lost all the Southern state Senate seats come 2015.
Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers joined Tony this morning to discuss the Department of Justice's release of new profiling guidelines.