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Tony was joined this morning by his Sunday Colts Tailgate Show co-host Conrad Brunner from 1070 The Fan as they preview the Colts matchup Sunday against the Titans.
Big Joe joined Tony this morning as they preview the Colts game against the South Division rival Tennessee Titans Sunday afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium.
This morning Abdul, filling in for Tony, spoke with Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt about President Obama addressing the UN the last two days after the U.S.-led Coalition led airstrikes against ISIS/ISIL targets in Iraq and Syria.
Tony drops his own "bombshell" on the air this morning in regards to the reporter who dropped an "F-Bomb" on live TV in Anchorage Alaska announcing she was quitting.
This morning Tony and the rest of the team discuss the story of a woman who, while on a flight from New York to LA, continued to sing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" repeatedly causing the pilot to divert the flight and have her removed.
This morning, Tony and the gang discuss a woman who had plastic surgery to have a third breast.
WIBC News Director Mike Wilson explains what's next for the state of Indiana as the company the state sold the rights to the Toll Road to files for bankruptcy.
Fox News Radio's Emily Wither joined Tony this morning to give us the latest on the Breaking News overnight as the US led a coalition of 5 Arab nations that began airstrikes against ISIS/ISIL within Syria.
***WEB EXCLUSIVE AUDIO*** Tony and Randal O'Toole from the Cato Institute discuss where the value of mass transit is, exclusively online only.