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This morning on his way in, Tony took the newly opened U.S. 31 Corridor in Hamilton County which made him a very happy camper!
Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso and his crew has just returned to their St. Louis hotel room after being up all night long covering the violence, protests, and looting in Ferguson when Tony spoke with him this morning and the news we learned shocked us!
For the Big Story this morning Tony spoke with the Rev Charles Harrison from the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition about the reaction here in the city to the Grand Jury's decision announcement in Ferguson last night.
This morning Tony spoke with talk host Stacy Washington from Stacy On The Right on our sister-station in St. Louis, KFTK, about the scope of the violence in Ferguson and the St. Louis Metro area.
Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland joined Tony this morning and her sources are saying what was announced at yesterday's press conference about Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel stepping down isn't what was really happening.
Following the 8:30 news this morning, Tony gets sidetracked from Mike's original news story and ends up talking chili dogs!
For The Big Story, Tony talks about Gary Varvel's cartoon in the the Indianapolis Star, their decision to apologize and remove the cartoon from their site and if their decision is indeed warranted.
The Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, Peter Kinder joins Tony to talk about the situation in Ferguson and when a decision will be made.
Jim Geragthy of National Review joins Tony to discuss the death of former Washington DC mayor Marion Berry on Indy's Morning News.