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Tony this morning is stumped as to how, as he thinks, an ugly singer like Marc Anthony can end up with Supermodel women.
This morning Tony sets the record straight about Ann Coulter's rant on how 3rd party politics is stupid.
971 HANK-FM's Dave O'Brien checked in with Tony this morning live from Nashville with a recap of last night's CMA winners.
There was a list released of the Best Pizza by state and this morning Tony, Mike, Darren and Paige, along with you on Twitter and the phones, had the debate of who was the best in Indianapolis.
For the "Big Story" this morning on the heels of the GOP making huge waves in last night's Election by taking control of the Senate and increasing their power in the House, the term "Compromise" has been tossed around. Tony gives his take on this and what the consequences could...
This morning 1070 The Fan's JMV, host of "The Ride with JMV" joined Tony as they discussed what the hell is going wrong with I.U.'s Basketball program and will it rise to prominence once again despite the troubles of these latest players.
This morning Indiana Governor Mike Pence was with Tony to discuss the local Indiana races in today's Election and to urge Hoosiers to get out and vote today!
Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio joined Tony this morning with a rundown of the key races in today's Election.
National Review's Jim Geraghty joined Tony this morning as he explained who he thinks will end up with the majority in the U.S. Senate come 2015.