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Tony asks Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R,) if he thinks the calling up of the National Guard by Gov. Jay Nixon (D,) to help with security amid the continued violence in Ferguson was too soon or too late. Lt. Gov. Kinder's response is strong, to the point and very critical.
Tony and Jim discuss the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on two counts of abuse of official capacity when he vetoed money for a public integrity unit run by Travis County Texas District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. Ms. Lehmberg was arrested and pleaded guilty of drunk driving...
This morning Gerry breaks the news to Tony and our listeners on the expansion of Sun King Brewery in Fishers. The move will make them the second largest brewery in the state.
As the violence in Ferguson continues, far too many are conflating the terms protester and looter. There is a difference between the two. Tony takes the time to explain which one deserves our respect, and which one does not.
Tony and Noah discuss why the Obama Administration doesn't want to know the truth in Iraq and just how deadly the ISIS movement is in Iraq. Some say another 9-11 type attack is imminent! The story here!
AG Zoeller calls in to answer the question Tony had posed yesterday as to why he (Zoeller) was making Indiana look like a "Nanny State" by trying to get the FDA to regulate E-cigs and "Vaping" instead of focusing on other state issues.
Tony asks Rep. Delaney why he wants to run for Mayor of Indianapolis and what he would do differently as Tony and the Representative both agree that Mayor Greg Ballard's pre-school plan is not enough. Representative Delaney held a press conference this morning around 10am that...
Tony and Chris discuss the US now saying they're not going to do a rescue mission involving the US military to help the Yazidi minorities trapped in the Sinjar mountain range in Iraq plus the speculation as to WHY the President is returning to the White House from is vacation...
Tony discusses with Brandi if the IPL underground infrastructure is a problem causing the breaker fire underground yesterday afternoon and just how safe is it.