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Jim and Tony talk about President Obama's interview on Meet The Press on Sunday with new host Chuck Todd. The President didn't think of the optics of working on his golf swing after denouncing the beheading of American journalist James Foley.
Tony and Gerry discuss the "worth" of the Indianapolis Colts and how much can the Ray Rice incident effect Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL now that the full video of Rice punching his then-fiance in an elevator was recently released.
Tony and Big Joe recap the Colts 31-24 loss to Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Denver on Sunday Night Football.
Tony spoke this morning with the Producer of the Gosnell movie, Ann McElhinney, about the fundraising of the made for TV movie that will tell the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion clinic doctor who murdered live babies and killed several women.
Tony and Paige have a debate this morning on how men propose to women with a ring and women reaching across the seat of the car to unlock the door for a man. You're thoughts?
Tony goes to his climate "expert", James Taylor from the Heartland Institute, to discuss the President making changes to climate policies and treaties that would shame America if not followed.
WIBC Reporter Ray Steele joined Tony this morning from Chicago where the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear Indiana & Wisconsin's appeals on the ban of same-sex marriage in each state. It is unknown when the Court will make it's ruling after hearing each side from each...
Tony and Emily Wither from Fox News Radio discuss the latest on ISIS/ISIL in Syria and Iraq and the announcement yesterday that the U.S. may begin manned and/or unmanned surveillance flights over Syria to gather intel on the movement of ISIS/ISIL troops.
This morning, Tony gives his take on President Obama giving Executive Amnesty to around 5 Billion illegal immigrants here in the United States.