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This morning Tony went through a list that someone compiled of the 6 bills the new GOP controlled Congress should immediately drop on President Obama's desk in 2015. Genius!!!
This morning, Tony blasts the author of a blog on who says that American soldiers are not heroes. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Here's Tony's take...'
The Big Story this morning was the 2-year anniversary of the Richmond Hill explosion and Tony gives more of his thoughts on the article.
Tony starts the show off this morning bringing up half of the "What's More Pathetic?" game by just blasting Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears, who were just crushed by the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday Night Football.
This morning IIB's Gerry Dick joined Tony for his weekly Monday chat as they discussed the Abdul's comments on IIB over the weekend and the State Supreme Court upholding Indiana's Right To Work Law and how it effects new business to Indiana.
This morning Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard stopped by the studio and spent the first half of the 8am hour with Tony. They discussed the repairs and the money to fix the Reflecting Pool in Carmel.
Tomorrow, News Director Mike Wilson will be going to "Roundabout Class" as the town of Speedway gets ready to open their new roundabout next to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Tony kicked the show off this morning discussing with Paige the Discovery Channel's "Eaten Alive" show were a man will be eaten alive by an Anaconda.
Indiana Daily Student Fall 2014 Sports Editor Sam Beishuizen joined Tony this morning as they discussed the reaction of students on the Bloomington campus about the suspension and conduct of the players at the basketball program.