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Tony this morning welcomed back to our news gathering partners at 'RTV 6, Beth Vaughn, who's been out on maternity leave which started the conversation and push to post on our website Big Fat Baby pics because Tony not only thinks big fat baby's are awesome but it's just cool to...
This morning Tony made light of the skit mocking Ferguson on SNL that was cut and never made it to air this past Saturday but is all over the internet. If you've missed it, check out the link below.
This morning for The Big Story, Tony's commentary and thoughts on the protests for the hashtag Blacklivesmatter.
Despite the fact the show was not on the air yesterday, this morning Tony remembers Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day by reading the Order from 1987 penned by former President Ronald Reagan declaring it "Peal Harbor Remembrance Day".
Jay Graves from joined Tony this morning as he broke down the Colts very ugly win against the Browns in Cleveland yesterday afternoon.
Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland joined Tony this morning as they discussed the failed attempt to rescue an American hostage in Yemen from terrorists.
This morning's Noah C Rothman joined Tony as they discussed the baffling decision by the Grand Jury in New York City to pursue charges against an officer who had Eric Garner in a chokehold and Mr. Garner ended up dying from his injuries.
Tony and the crew this morning discuss the fast food workers protest demanding $15/hour wages for working in the industry.
This morning we played "Name That Republican", a game where you guess which possible GOP candidate is running for Mayor of Indianapolis.