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Canadian Radio Host Andrew Lawton joined Tony this morning and gave us the latest info on the terror attack on the Canadian Parliament Hall which killed a Canadian solider yesterday afternoon.
This morning's Noah C Rothman joined Tony this morning as they discussed the terrorist attacks that have taken place the last couple days in Canada and what they mean for us here in America.
For today's Colts Update, Conrad Brunner from 1070 The Fan joined Tony this morning as they previewed the Colts game Sunday at Pittsburgh.
Tony this morning spoke to Robert Willits, the Korean War veteran who's HOA is giving him grief and trying to force him to pay to fly his flags high above his yard on a flagpole because they say it's against their rules.
Erich Orrick from joined Tony this morning to let us know some of the events the organization has coming up next week and give his thoughts on the Korean War veteran getting flack from his HOA about flying his American & POW-MIA flags high in his yard on a...
This morning Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland joined Tony to give us the details on a startling statistic about employee paid leave and how much the government is spending on it. The numbers are alarming!
Tony this morning discussed the Court's ruling allowing Texas Voter ID law to stand. He also discussed a story out of Idaho where churches were being forced to perform same-sex marriages.
Over the weekend there have been more sightings of "Creepy Clowns" across the country so this morning Tony decided to appoint a Morning News "Clown Czar".
Indianapolis announced it's Ebola plan and Public Safety Director Troy Riggs joined Tony this morning to outline some of the plans the city has put in place incase Ebola invades Indy.