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Tony Katz (TK) and Mr. DiZinno discuss the tragic events of the deadly accident involving NASCAR driver Tony Stewart as to why are big named NASCAR drivers running on the small Sprintcar tracks and is having a "hot head" part of the racing industry.
Tony and Mike discuss the tragic accident involving Tony Stewart and how, if any, changes will be made on the NASCAR curciut, the decision not to race at Watkins Glenn on Sunday, and the what's in the mindset of his fellow NASCAR brothen.
Our weekly Monday Morning News visit with Jim Geraghty from National Review & National Review online. This morning, Jim and Tony discuss the crisis in Iraq and is ISIS really a serious threat as some in the politicial circles are saying. Some are saying they are even more...
Our weekly Monday Morning News visit with Gerry Dick of Inside Indiana Business as he and Tony discuss the addition of thousands of education and government jobs last month in Indiana and more on the "split" of Mike's Express Carwashes throughout Indiana.
Tony and Mike Wilson discuss the upcoming split of Mike's Express Car Washes throughout the country due to an "internal family disagreement"? A special guest even calls in and gets in on it.
The Big Story this morning is President Obama's announcement late yesterday that the US will do airstrikes as needed in Iraq against ISIS as Tony breaks it all down.
Our weekly visit with Terri Stacy from the WIBC Neighbor To Neighbor program on where she and the Neighbor To Neighbor program will be this weekend.
Tony and Glynn discuss what amounts to a "war on cigars and the cigar industry" as the government wants to further regulate it like they do with cigarettes.
Morning News interview with Insurance Analyst Doug Whiteman about how most Americans are worried about the ObamaCare Exchanges failing again and the concerns of higher health insurance costs.