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Todd Meyer

As the Garrison program is constructed daily, producer Todd Meyer is the man behind the scenes making it happen. Todd books all guests on the Garrison program, and is in charge of general content of the program. A graduate of Indiana University but a diehard Purdue fan, Todd has worked at WIBC since 1996, producing the Jersey Johnny and Grover show, Sportstalk, the Mike Pence Show and the Garrison program.

About the Show

Greg Garrison
Attorney Greg Garrison hosts the Garrison show that airs weekday mornings on WIBC. Garrison brings his conservative values to the airwaves. Greg gained international notoriety when he successfully prosecuted Mike Tyson on rape charges. He has served as CBS News National Legal Analyst and has reported on major trials such as OJ Simpson and Timothy McVeigh. He has also appeared on 60 Minutes, the FOX News Channel, the Today Show, 48 Hours, Rivera Live and ESPN. When he's not on the radio, Greg maintains a private practice with his brother Chris at the Garrison Law Firm.


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