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Beyond The Bricks 051713

Ahead of this weekend's Bobby Unser episode, here's a segment of One On One with Mark Montieth that aired in 2011. Go to if you'd like to hear the rest of this show and Mark's other interviews.

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Beyond The Bricks 051013

This Sunday at 7 PM we relive the 1953 500. For now we go further back to the 1947 race courtesy of Mutual.

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Beyond The bricks 050313

As we get set to look back at the career of one A.J. Foyt, let's relive the twisty-turny 1961 finish, Foyt's first 500 win.

Posted 5/3/2013 2:57:00 PM


Beyond The Bricks 042613

Sunday at 7, a look back at Parnelli Jones' career. Now, a look back at the 1963 race finish.

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Beyond The Bricks 042013

A preview of History of the 500 episode 11 and a look at 2 stars of the 1950s.

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Beyond The Bricks 041213

A sample of what you will hear on 93 WIBC beginning at 7 PM Sunday. Stay tuned for some surprises beginning next Sunday.

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Beyond The Bricks 040513

A preview of this weekend' History of the 500, including some humorous IMS Radio Network moments.

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Beyond The Bricks 03292013

This week we remember the late Dan Wheldon.

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Beyond The Bricks 032213

This week's edition looks back at the 1992 500, the closest finish ever.

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Episode 6 Preview

This week's Beyond The Bricks looks back at the 1982 500.

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Beyond The Bricks 3-8-2013

A look back at May 1977 featuring Janet Guthrie and 1977 race audio.

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Episode 3 Preview

A preview of episode 3, a week late, featuring authors Greg Littleton and Bob Gates talking up the stars and cars of the Roadster era. Apologies for the tardiness.

Posted 3/1/2013 3:06:00 PM