Marietta Financial Services

Posted By: Mel McMahon · 12/6/2013 8:00:00 AM

The mission of Marietta Financial Services is to provide small business owners with peace of mind and confidence in their back office functions of accounting, tax and payroll. As a trusted advisor, they have a personal and genuine interest in the companies, employees, and families of our clients. They understand there is nothing more demanding or rewarding than running a business.

Marietta Financial Services’ success depends on their ability to exceed client expectations by providing valuable advice and guidance on how to survive as an entrepreneur. They achieve this objective through their access to industry knowledge and their long term history of results.

While achieving the results their clients depend upon, Marietta Financial Services strives to stay in front of the technology curve and remain competitive with their pricing. Their philosophies, market knowledge, and technical resources allow them to provide the lowest tax cost available to the entrepreneur.

Why Larry Marietta is supporting The Salvation Army: "The Salvation Army is a tremendous organization that supports our community and benefits our society. I appreciate the various facets for the homeless, hungry, abused, and rehabilitation services and many others I am sure I have missed that are offered by The Salvation Army."


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