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Saturday Night on the Circle


Ethan Hatcher is a passionate advocate for individual liberty, and Constitutional governance. He has earned a Bachelors in Communication and Political Science, and is excited to bring his passion for politics and debate to the airwaves of Indianapolis! Ethan has been with the WIBC family working as a Producer alongside the various talented hosts of the station since 2015 and now proudly brings his voice WIBC for the first time! 

Saturday Night on the Circle is hosted by Ethan Hatcher and co-hosted by the keen minded Dr. David Root, Professor of Political Science at the University of Indianapolis. He brings his deep knowledge of the political and judicial processes to the table and gives intellectual heft to the on-air discussions. Saturday Night on the Circle is a weekly conversation highlighting all the important news items you need to hear about presented with unique perspectives to keep your attention locked. Listen live each week from 7-9pm on WIBC, podcasts added weekly! Also join the Facebook page at “Saturday Night on the Circle” to keep updated through the week and watch the show on Facebook live!

Saturday Night On The Circle
(Alex Wong/Getty Images) It was a rough week for Joe Biden as he slipped in the polls following the Democratic...
Saturday Night On The Circle
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images) The first round of debates for the Democratic nominess had many surprises as front-...
Saturday Night On The Circle
( NurPhoto/Getty Images) This week diplomatic tensions escalated after Iran rattled their sabre and attacked an...