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The 10 At 10; on C. P. Time, and Mitch Daniels Does NOT Want to be President!

The Segment Of The Day from Ray & Abdul

C. P. Time stands for 'cautious politician' time, according to Hillary Clinton.

Sure.  And I am Ismali Camuwundra, leader of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Full disclosure - I own a 'Pastafarian' t-shirt, but the name remains the same.

Who is Hillary Clinton trying to fool by denying that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio used a blatantly racist term in an attempt to be funny over the weekend?  Perhaps they thought it was the Sands in 1960...


You can do that if you are Frank, Dean and the guys. You can't do that if you are running for president, can you? It's as if Clinton thinks, 'well, I have sewn up the African-American vote no matter what, so let's do a little number here..."  It may not cost her the New York primary, but this could hurt down the road.


Abdul and I talked about whether the skit did any damage to Clinton's campaign on today's edition of The 10 At 10. Then, we discussed why some people can't get it through their heads that Mitch Daniels does not want to be president. Anywhere other than Purdue.  Our segment of the day is below.



Today's 10 At 10 Segment of the Day, is it on C. P. Time? Should it be? And for crying out loud, Mitch Daniels doesn't want to be president!

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