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The 10 At 10: Wendy Bell Should Have Known Better

Also, voyeurs are weird, especially in bathrooms, plus Abdul & Ray insult every chain restaurant

Yesterday, Abdul and I were more political, hence today's 10 At 10 Segment of the Day.

First, Wendy Bell.  She is the Pittsburgh TV news anchor who was fired over a Facebook post that made a whole bunch of racial generalities about a shooting.  She is making a free speech argument.  But she is wrong.

Secondly, there are voyeurs and there are outright weirdos, as we discuss the Chili's manager who was caught shooting video from a camera he tried to hide in the women's restroom of his own restaurant.  You think his jail mates will make him sing that awful Baby Back Ribs jingle?



Our segment of the day is really two of them; why Wendy Bell should have known better, and why in the world would you want to watch someone go to the bathroom? Then, Abdul and I insult basically every chain restaurant in the world.

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