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Guess What? It's Still Tied!

The latest poll in the race for the U.S. Senate shows it’s still a statistical tie.

A Fox News poll of nearly 700 likely voters shows Democrat Joe Donnelly leading Republican Mike Braun 43-41, with Libertarian Lucy Brenton polling at six percent.  With the poll’s margin of error at 3.5 percent, the race is fundamentally a tie.

In the last Fox News poll, Braun was ahead by two points.

In addition, the poll showed how a Donnelly vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court was fundamentally a wash with 30 percent saying it would make them more likely to vote for the Democrat, while 32 percent said it was less likely and 34 percent saying it would make no difference.

The poll also had Donald Trump’s approval ratings in Indiana at 52 percent.  

Both Donnelly and Braun had similar favorable/unfavorable ratings.  Donnelly’s were 46-43, while Braun’s were 44-41.

You can view the poll’s toplines here.

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