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Poll Positions

When it comes to their approval ratings, a new Morning Consult poll puts both of Indiana’s U.S. Senator under 50 percent.

Democrat Joe Donnelly, who faces a tough re-election bid, has a 42 percent approval rating and his disapproval rating is 32 percent.  26 percent say they either have no opinion or don’t know enough about Donnelly.

Meanwhile, Republican Todd Young does slightly better.  He has a 44 percent approval rating and only a 27 percent disapproval rating.  29 percent say they have no opinion or don’t know enough about Young to make a decision about his job performance.

Meanwhile, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has a 52 percent approval rating. 23 percent of Hoosiers disapprove of the job he is doing, while 25 percent either don’t know or have no opinion.

Photo:  U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly

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