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Some Political News You Can Use

Here are a few items of note that you might find interesting while trying to stay warm today.


CNN  is reporting that 5th District Congresswoman Susan Brooks is among 33 House seats being targeted by national Democrats in 2020.

Indiana House Democrats criticized their Republican counterparts for blocking an amendment that would have expanded absentee ballot voting.

Stand for Children Indiana and Teach Plus Indiana released a new report this week that assesses the state of the teaching profession in Indiana and puts forth a series of recommendations to combat teacher shortage and help retain teachers in the Hoosier state.  You can view it here.

Meanwhile, The Mind Trust is touting two new studies showing Indianapolis charter schools and Innovation Network Schools are helping students make meaningful academic progress relative to their peers in local traditional public schools.   The first study was done by the City Schools Project.   The second study was conducted by IUPUI.

The Indy Chamber is announcing a record $2.4 billion in capital investment in 2018 in the nine-county Central Indiana region, as well as the creation of 10,000 jobs.

Advocates for an increase in the state cigarette tax have postponed today’s schedules rally due to the cold weather. Raise it for Health planned to deliver more than 6,000 postcards to the Governor’s Office in support of raising the tax on cigarettes $2 per pack.  A poll released earlier this month by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce showed 62 percent of Hoosiers supported an increase in the cigarette tax.

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