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Baron Hill, Democrats Blast Bush Administration's Policy in Iraq

In the weekly Democratic Radio Address on Saturday, Representative Baron Hill of Indiana criticized the president's strategy, saying it's a ‘go-it-alone’ policy that must be changed.

Hill said Mr. Bush's $87 billion spending request for Iraq has placed a tremendous burden on American taxpayers while allowing the domestic agenda to fall by the wayside.

“It is fantasy for us to believe that we can fund a war and a reconstruction effort and…provide adequate resources for homeland security, healthcare, education and debt reduction,” said Hill. “…all the while, staring at an annual deficit approaching a half a trillion dollars.”

He also says the president and the Republican Congress have lost site of domestic needs.

Hill credited President Bush for successfully ousting Saddam Hussein, but he says, “The president did not plan well for winning the peace and for rebuilding the nation.”

Hill added, “There has been little support from the international community.” He says our troops have been placed on the frontline, and the American taxpayers are forced pay the bills.

Hill feels the president needs to inform congress and the rest of America on where their money is spent.

“The missteps of the past several months must not be compounded by wasteful spending or spending that could be used more wisely elsewhere,” said Hill. “To be successful, the president's go it alone strategy must end.”