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Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono is Not Confused, She's Willfully Ignorant

Overheard with Brian Baker: "There is so much dumb in the liberal ideology that it actually triggers my gag reflex if I think about it too long."

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Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii is all kinds of confused, poor thing. Yes, she's an elected Washington lawmaker. NO, she apparently knows absolutely nothing about immigration law. 

You see, I always figured that Mazie Horono - like most Democrats - was just willfully ignorant and embraced the liberal "absence of logic" ideology because that's how the left stays in power and that's the level of voter intelligence they cater to. After observing Ms. Horono's exchange on Capitol Hill with an ICE official last Tuesday, I now realize the Senator from Hawaii isn't play acting. What I saw was authentic, genuine dumb - "the real thing," as Coca-Cola used to say. 

It turns out that Ms. Horono is not just an illegal immigrant sympathizer, she truly doesn't realize that it is a violation of Federal law and a criminal act to cross the border ILLEGALLY. Yes, people voted for this woman.

Meanwhile, CNN's Jim Acosta is still licking the boo-boos to his ego after White House officials threw him out of a photo op on Monday. A glutton for punishment, Acosta attended a Trump rally Tuesday, and poor Jimbo had his heart wounded again by the less than cordial greeting he received from attendees.

Plus, the FDA has a new warning for women looking to "rejuvenate" certain places on their bodies. 

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