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James Cromwell: 'You'll Never See Me Raising a Fist'

Actor Warns of 'Blood in the Streets' if Democrats Don't Win Election

(Ray Tamara/Getty Images)

Actor James Cromwell has been carrying around a secret he'd like to get off his chest: he's a political imbecile.

Whew! Bet it feels good to unload that one, eh James?

Jimbo also wants to assure the American people that he TOTALLY wasn't condoning or promoting violence when he promoted and condoned violence with comments that essentially promoted and condoned violence - at least by 'liberal' standards - in a recent interview where he warned of “blood in the streets” if President Donald Trump isn’t stopped.

“Not promoting violence, voting against it. You will never see me raising a fist."

Side note: See above image for aid in understanding the extraordinary level of integrity and self-awareness of Cromwell.

According to Cromwell, “The Variety article used an out of context quote 4 a headline and got just what they wanted – twitter fired up. It would have been nice if they included the context of that statement in the article. I’m sure I would still be getting death threats but they would be more ironic.”

Well now, ain't it a bitch when liberal journalists wind up screwing one of their own?

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