A screen capture shows a man with his face glued to the pavement.
Screen Capture: YouTube

Climate Protestor Glues Face To Street. We Have Video!

So very, very often in life, it becomes necessary to take a stand for what you believe.

And gratefully, “taking a stand” often prompts a person of strong emotion and weak intellect to join a group of protestors and harm themselves for the enjoyment and pleasure of others.

For example, several demonstrators from Insulate Britain decided to glue their faces to the streets as a part of their ‘road blockade protests.’

Here’s one of those happy fellas now!

This wise gent was one of many protestors who thought it advisable to take the “face-gluing challenge.”

Police managed to free one woman, but as her face was ripped from the road, the protestor screamed that she was “in agony” – a common physical sensation that accompanies slathering one’s face with Gorilla Glue and pressing it into the asphalt.

Another protestor enjoyed a productive dialog with a chatty motorist who wished cancer upon her friends and family!

“If anyone gets cancer, please let it be people you know, so you know what it’s like to have your loved ones who can’t get treatment,” the motorist says, sharing his heart on the matter. “You can sit here, I hope you know what it’s like. My father needs treatment and you sit here doing this. Scum. I hope if anyone gets cancer, I hope it’s your parents… are they alive, are your parents alive?”

In my Christian opinion, I fully agree that wishing cancer upon someone is a perfectly acceptable action to take when an individual screws up traffic and delays your commute to work. Heck, I do it when someone forgets to use their turn signal.


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