Wheel of Covid

Spin The Wheel of COVID: Which WIBC Talent Might Have Coronavirus?

As America grapples with the effects of the worst pandemic to infest the United States since “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (Thanks a lot, Ryan Seacrest), listeners to Indy’s most trusted News/Talk station have struggled with one question: “Which WIBC personality will be the first to catch COVID-19?”

Governor Eric Holcomb has declared the on-air staff of WIBC to be of essential and utmost importance in this season of national struggle (Not really, but play along). Thus, with a commitment to their community and a complete lack of concern for their own personal welfare, each WIBC host has bravely answered the call of duty (“Doody!) and shown up for work at 40 Monument Circle.

Ah, but radio personalities across the board have a well-established reputation for poor hygiene practices (See: “Hammer and Nigel”).

Thus, with so many persons pressing their unsanitary lips to the limited number of microphones in the WIBC studios, it was only a matter of time before someone got sick. But who would that unfortunate victim be?

  • Tony Katz?
  • Mock?
  • Daisy?
  • Nigel?
  • Hammer? (Probably)

Well, considering the fact that Nigel is rarely at work as it is, the condition of his health is unlikely to change – unless, of course, he drinks himself to death out of sheer boredom at home.

And WIBC producer Rob Kendall doesn’t give a crap as long as it opens up a full-time on-air position that he can fill.

Recently, however, Mock AND WIBC host Tony Katz have mysteriously begun broadcasting from undisclosed locations throughout the city. Are they sick or are they merely exploiting the “work from home” recommendations of the CDC to enjoy the freedom that comes with broadcasting pantless in the privacy of one’s own home?

So the question remains: “Who’s got the ‘Rona?”

Find out as we spin the “Wheel of COVID” in another thrilling edition of “Speedround!”

Click below for most suspenseful moment in broadcast history:



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