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Today marked the end of the afternoon show for The Chicks On The Right. Next Monday, Mock and Daisy will be moving to the mornings debuting their new 9am to 11am show. The Chicks sign off from the afternoon drive. Tune in!
What's the latest on Reality Winner? What did a group of girls at a Canadian High School do after being sent home to change their clothes? What are experts saying a growing number of dads are opting for? What is Jerry Seinfeld offended by? Executive Producer Matt Hibbeln and The...
Terri Stacy joins The Chicks LIVE in studio for an episode of "Riddle Me This Chicks". Tune in!
Former FBI Director, James Comey, gave his testimony earlier today. What did he say? What is The Chicks reaction to the testimony? Tune in! Photo Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty Images
What are men in Germany claiming? What's the latest on Bill Maher? What's the latest on the Sean Hannity and Joe Scarborough feud? What's the new law in Connecticut regarding animals? Executive Producer Matt Hibbeln and The Chicks break it all down in the speed round. Buckle up!
The Chicks talk with Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes about President Trump, tolerance, and diversity. Tune in! <iframe src=" " width="100%" height="180" frameborder="0"></iframe>
What does a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll about Trump using Twitter reveal? What did National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers say about Trump and Russian collusion? What case has the Supreme Court agreed to hear next term? What...
Why is Mock absolutely losing her mind? Tune in and find out!
What have learned about Reality Winner? What's the latest on the separation of Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau? What's going on with men's clothing and fashion? What did a Maine man do to prove a point about his apartment? Executive Producer Matt Hibbeln and The Chicks...