Chick Bits

This is real life. Time Magazine wrote a lengthy piece featuring President Trump's "after hour" habits. CNN loved it so much that they added on to it. What's going on with President Trump and his ice cream? The Chicks have the scoop. Tune in!
Terri Stacy joins The Chicks in studio for an edition of 7-Minute Joke-Off with The Chicks. Tune in!
What are the latest tweets from President Trump? What happened between a dad and a Canadian Goose? Executive Producer Matt Hibbeln and The Chicks break it all down in the speed round. Buckle up!
There's a picture of a naked man on shark while being on a boat that has gone viral. People are dropping their JAWS. The identity of the man at this time is unknown. What do The Chicks think about the naked man on a shark? Would Producer TKW get naked on a shark? Tune in!
President Trump loves Twitter. Some would even say he loves Twitter so much, that he can't stop tweeting. What are the latest tweets from President Trump? What do The Chicks think about President Trump and his tweeting? Tune in!
The Chicks discussed on yesterday's show on potential replacements that they would like to see become the new FBI Director. The Chicks want to know who you want as a replacement and play a few voicemails from the listeners. Tune in!
What happened to Executive Producer Matt Hibbeln at a concert last night? What job offer did James Comey received after being fired? Why did police in Italy seize an estimated 37 million painkillers? What's the new makeup trend for men? Executive Producer Matt Hibbeln and The...
With the recent firing of James Comey as FBI Director, who are some possible replacements to become the new FBI Director? The Chicks break down some possible candidates. Who do you think should replace Comey? Tune in!
Do you smell what The Rock is cookin? The People's Champ is considering running for President in 2020. What do The Chicks think about The Rock considering a run for President? Don't be a jabroni and tune in!