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3 Deliciously Awkward Highlights From CNN's Equality Town Hall

From The 'Violence' of Mispronouncing a Name to Chris Cuomo's Failed Pronoun Joke

(screen capture: YouTube.com/DC Shorts)

CNN's grueling yet 'pander perfect' 7-hour Equality Town Hall event Thursday night was an evening FULL of awkward moments and unintentional comedy, as 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and members of the LGBTQ community came together to discuss issues relevant to the most aggressively-vocal minorities in American society.

As is common practice with the LGBTQ community, 'shaming' was the sport of the evening by those in attendance. Ironically, much of that shaming was directed at the CNN moderators and the very candidates who so passionately support the LGBTQ agenda. 

Transgenders and transgender issues dominated the event, which in turn, led to a number of uncomfortably awkward and unintentionally funny moments throughout the evening. In reality, much of American society has adopted a mature, non-judgmental attitude towards the gay community. Transgenders, however, are still more or less viewed by many as circus freaks who suffer from a mental disorder. 

Exacerbating the challenges of the transgender community is the fact that they exhibit an overwhelming need to oppress the rights of those in society who do not share their views. Further, they are irrationally offended by things such as "incorrect" pronoun usage, gender-specific restrooms, or a mispronounced name. Innocent verbal infractions - even when unintentional - are considered "violent." 

So, what do you get when you throw a perpetually-offended group of transexuals into a room with political candidates and commentators who are attempting to "connect" while simultaneously walking on non-gender-specific eggshells? You get MUST SEE TELEVISION, DAMN IT!!

Here Are The 3 Most Deliciously Awkward Moments from CNN's Equality Town Hall Event:

1. Hysterical Transgendered Woman Blossom Brown Complains That Black People Aren't Getting to Ask Questions

2. CNN's Chris Cuomo's Gender Joke Falls Flat

3. Transgender Shea Diamond Claims Mispronouncing Her Name is "Violence"

The Chicks on the Right have a few more honorable mentions in the clip below, including protesters who complained that the 7-HOUR event wasn't long ENOUGH. Click below to check it out.

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