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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Dimwit in Crisis

Approval Rating Drops Following Amazon Deal Collapse; AOC Reacts with Rage

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New polling data released Monday revealed a dramatic decline in voter support for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the former bartender who has risen to become the most prominent imbecile in American politics is none to happy about it. 

From CNBC:

Thirty-one percent of registered voters in the state view the freshman House Democrat favorably, while 44 percent have an unfavorable view, according to a Siena College poll released Monday. In January, 34 percent of New York voters viewed Ocasio-Cortez favorably, versus 29 percent who had an unfavorable opinion, a Quinnipiac University poll found.

Support for Rep. Porridge Brains took a major hit - even among Democrats – following Amazon's decision to scrap its planned offices in Queens.

Rep. Dunce Cap lashed out against the recent polling data on Twitter, blaming 'bigotry' among other things for dwindling support.

The Chicks on the Right destroyed AOC on Tuesday's show. Click below to check it out.

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