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Are Terrorist Squirrels The Latest Attack Strategy from ISIS?

Nuts! Woman Booted from Plane with 'Emotional Support Squirrel'

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A woman of questionable mental health (code for: "the old gal is batcrap") was booted from a Frontier Airlines flight this week for attempting to board with her 'emotional support SQUIRREL.' 

According to USA Today, the woman informed Frontier Airlines she was taking an "emotional support animal" on the flight from Florida when she made her reservation; however, she did not say the animal was a squirrel. The airline said they called Orlando police after they asked the woman to leave the plane with the animal and she refused. 

The Chicks on the Right talked crazy squirrel lady in today's edition of Speedround:


"This woman is clearly a psychopath. An emotional support squirrel? What if that thing had gotten loose? Good night, just take some medication. She should have been tazed and booted from the plane."


"Wait! How did she get through security with a squirrel? Were they like, 'That's an usual breed of dog,' or something?


"They couldn't see him in the X-Ray? It could have been a terrorist squirrel! That squirrel could have been ISIS, and they let him through. TSA, shame on you! Is that the new strategy from ISIS to attack the United States? Democrats, get on this; I demand an investigation."


"And find out if that squirrel is a sexual predator. #SquirrelsToo"

Click the link to hear more from the Chicks:

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