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Blog > Chicks on the Right > Chicks Full Show > Bowe Bergdahl has a lawyer that's probably not as good as this one.

Bowe Bergdahl has a lawyer that's probably not as good as this one.

Sadly (*sniff*) the camel has gone back to the desert, but Todd Starnes of Fox News is always picking up the slack on being the weekly Wednesday feature on the Chicks.  Todd informed us today that Thor is now a girl.  No sex change, no Crying Game like trickery, just a girl.  Like he was never a boy.  We guess that's just the way the world works now days.

OMGWIWWP is followed by a Happy Birthday to Will Ferrell the hilarious comedian, not Will Ferrell the Obama Stumper.  Later, Speed Round features a wicked exchange between a Comcast "customer service rep" and a frustrated individual that just wants to cancel his service. 

The Chicks bring out the big guns after the 5:00 news and interview Grover Baxley, a former JAG lawyer and expert in military law.  Grover cleared up some head scratching things about former Afghanistan POW Bowe Bergdahl and the not so speedy movement in the investigation of his capture (or desertion). 

Busy and fun show as always.  Click play and off you go..