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Behold Elizabeth Warren's SELECTIVE Zero Tolerance Policy on 'College Cheaters'

Warren: I Have 'Zero' Sympathy for College Cheaters

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Democratic Senator and awkward beer drinker Elizabeth Warren has 'ZERO' tolerance for college cheaters... and 'ZERO' awareness of the irony in her 'ZERO' tolerance position.

Warren appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the widespread college admissions scam where 50 people, including Hollywood stars and major industry CEOs, were indicted for paying to get their children into top U.S. universities with fraudulent SAT scores, fabricated athletic profiles, and more.

“So, as a parent, how much sympathy would you have for these parents who are embroiled in this alleged cheating scandal?” co-host and prolific idiot Mika Brezinkski asked Fauxcahontas. 

“Zero,” she replied. 

Uh-huh. Pardon our eye roll, but wasn't it Warren who used her non-existent status as a Native American to become Harvard's "first woman of color"?

We thought former Governor Mike Huckabee had a pretty sharp take on Warren's hypocrisy:

Click the link below to hear the Chicks on the Right's take on Senator "She Who Lies."

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