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Blackface: The Social Justice Gestapo Strikes Again

Teacher's Firing is Latest Example of Social Justice in Lieu of Changing Hearts and Minds.


America's social justice Gestapo has ensnared another citizen amid increased efforts to rid the world of all racially impure thoughts, looks, jokes, Halloween costumes, advertising materials, historical documents, and lastly, rational thought and common sense.

Yessir! Hooray for social justice! Now let's burn us some conservative, church-going, pillars of the community bigots!

This shameful 'blackface witchhunt' of late is one of the most regressive crusades to combat bigotry I've witnessed in my lifetime, and ironically, it is being propagated by the very leftists who purport to be taking a stand against injustice and hatred.

The latest individual to be targeted by the misguided mobs of the anti-blackface fashion brigade is Richard Gist, a now-former assistant coach at Brown County Schools, who was forced to resign after a decade-old photo surfaced of Gist dressed in blackface for Halloween. 

Of course, "blackface" is just how the local media outlets and liberal hysterics have described the controversial photo. In reality, Gist was merely dressed in generic Bob Marley attire, and while the picture reveals he had darkened his skin as a part of the costume, no clear thinking individual would assume that Gist intended to cause harm or promote racist propaganda. 

Unfortunately, we now live in an era of "seek and destroy," courtesy of misguided leftists who are out to inflict pain and deliver payback for the sins of our ancestors. Their goal is the complete and total destruction of individuals, their reputations and careers, and it's all being done in the name of 'justice.' 


In reality, their twisted and vengeful 'do-goodery' breeds a wicked and devastating resentment that impedes the progress of bi-partisan efforts to combat injustice and racial inequality in America - efforts that are rooted in understanding and forgiveness rather than vindictive hatred.

Richard Gist, who by all accounts was a tremendous teacher and coach, will now be branded a 'racist' and forced to endure extraordinary challenges as he desperately attempts to rebuild his career and reputation. I don't know Richard Gist, but I imagine his spirit is filled with a sense of brokenness today.

The average person responds to personal brokenness and injustice in ways that breed resentment rather than a desire to seek understanding and find common ground with those whom he's unintentionally offended. My hope for Mr. Gist is that he will rise above this travesty, rebuild his life and move forward with relative ease. 

The Brown County School board squandered an opportunity this week to demonstrate leadership through forgiveness and mercy. They could have seized the moment and made a lasting statement about society's need to seek understanding, acknowledge mistakes without fear of retribution, and find common ground on controversial issues with persons of different backgrounds and cultures. It was a chance to demonstrate leadership that would resonate on a national level.

Unfortunately for Richard Gist, the Brown County School board chose to do that which was most politically expedient. It was shameful. It was cowardly. It was utterly pathetic.

The Chicks on the Right discussed Richard Gist's firing on today's show. Click the link below to check it out:

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