Childhood Horror: Mom and Dad's 'Naughty' VHS Surprise



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Childhood Horror: Mom and Dad's 'Naughty' VHS Surprise

Victim: "It wasn't until the man stood up that I realized it was my dad."

(KAZUHIRO NOGI / Staff / Getty Images)

Trigger warning:

It's every child's nightmare brought to life in VHS glory: Mom and Dad's personal sex tape...

Retelling a disturbing story from when she was 15, a woman told The Mirror that she was home sick one day and decided to snoop around her parents' room.

Bad decision.

The woman found a pile of VHS tapes at the back of the wardrobe and, hoping they were porn, decided to see what was on them. 

It was porn, alright: her mom and dad doing the horizontal mambo.

"I have never run so fast to the VHS player to hit stop. But it took forever, my legs were jelly, the VHS player was so far away. I was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO but it came out all low pitched and slow.

"I managed to get to the stop button. But the damage was done. My life was over."

Mock and Daisy pick up the story from there in the following clip:

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