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Classy Alert: Johnny Depp's Ex-Wife Took a Dump on His Bed:

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Okay, we understand that things can get a little personal and out of control during a bitter divorce, but Johnny Depp's ex-wife allegedly took things to an absolutely vile level before they split, according to a recent media report.

Depp has accused Amber Heard of defecating on his bed as revenge for being two hours late to her 30th birthday bash.

The message from Heard was clear: "I'm pissed Johnny, ya savvy?"

The Chicks on the Right covered the story on Thursday's edition of Speedround:


"If that happened, you don't go airing it."


"Heard's saying it was the dog, but you do air it if you're Johnny Depp.'


"Do you honestly think she would have pooped in the bed though? I mean honestly. This is a thing that happens now? You can't simply take all his clothes outside and set fire to them? Get it together, rich people!"

Click the link below to check out today's edition of 'Speedround':

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