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College Professor: 'Whiteness is Terrorism'

Refers to Barack and Michelle Obama as ‘White Kneegrows’

(Screen Capture: youtube/MarkM)

Attention all white folk: you're terrorists due to the pigment of your skin. Spread the word to fellow 'whities.' #sharingiscaring

The above epiphany is the recent discovery of a Trinity College professor whose previous racially-charged statements on social media got him into trouble back in 2017. 

We now invite you to delight in the wonderous musings of Professor Johnny Eric Williams. Please note: Johnny is black and therefore, NOT a terrorist NOR a racist (since "Dear White People" taught us that black people CAN'T be racist; it's simply not possible).

At any rate, Professor Johnny Eric Williams - who is not racist - tweeted that “whiteness is terrorism” on Easter Sunday, and referred to Barack and Michelle Obama as “white kneegrows.”

In a second tweet Sunday, Professor Johnny wrote: “All self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systemic white racism/white supremacy.”

Just a guess: somebody got a basket filled with bourbon on Easter morning.

By the way, Professor Johnny sent a out a few warm-up racial taunts prior to Easter, writing earlier this month: “‘White’ kneegrows really need a lot of therapy and a good ‘ol ass kicking,” in a Facebook post. 

Definitely feel VERY comfortable sending our kids to study with Professor Johnny at Trinity College. Very much worth the tuition costs for our kids to receive that kind of intelligent commentary and social insight. 

Check out WIBC white terrorists the Chicks on the Right in the clip below.

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