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Depraved Stormy Daniels Uses Derogatory Slur in Referring to Melania Trump

Daniels: "Maybe the first tw*t needs her jacket pressed… you know the “I don’t care” one? Haha.”

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Stripper, porn star, and increasingly irrelevant footnote in the book of "Depraved American Political History," Stormy Daniels lashed out at a random Twitter user last week and referred to First Lady Melania Trump as the "First Tw*t."

How did it start?

Plus-size porn star Stormy posted a picture of her and a friend, prompting a Twitter user to reply, “I will never forgive stormy for trashing our POTUS. She colluded with the Dems and Michael Avenatti.”

Ooh! Fighting Words. Choose Your Own Adventure in the Stormy Daniels Saga by Clicking Here or Continuing to Read Further.

Stormy Daniels Refers to Melania Trump as First Tw*t

Classy dame, that one.

WIBC hosts and NON-porn stars (although Hammer and Nigel have their fantasies) the Chicks on the Right offered an interesting take on why Stormy felt compelled to lash out at First Lady Melania Trump.


"It's odd to me that she would respond - especially so harshly. Daisy's suggestion is that Stormy is jealous of Melania."


"Yeah, I think she's jealous of a lot of people who have actual lives. I'm sure she's upset by the fact that Melania has a marriage and Stormy does not. And she can talk smack all she wants, but Stormy had sex with Trump one time for questionable reasons, and that was it."


"Maybe that's it; maybe she's pining for the President."

Click the link below to hear more from the Chicks.

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