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Florida Restores Voting Rights... for FELONS!

Time for The GOP to Start Reaching Out to More Felons

(Audrey Popov/Getty Images)

Florida... Always Florida...

On Tuesday, voters in Florida decided overwhelmingly to restore voting rights to most felons who have completed their sentences. 

Perhaps you're wondering what kind of unbalanced politicians would write and support such an amendment.

Answer: Democrats... Always Democrats.

You see, those convicted of felonies in Florida are more likely to be Democrats.

Those anxious to deny the obvious would like to point out that more than 64 percent of Florida voters cast their ballots in favor of Amendment 4; however, it's also important to note that the measure garnered the most votes in heavily Democratic counties.

The Chicks on the Right discussed the issue Thursday:


"Troubling, but not uncommon."


"So we need to just start appealing to felons. You know? Maybe the GOP just needs to start doing some outreach to felons."


"And there are some places where you can actually vote even if you're still in prison."


"What, like here's a little voting machine they bring in and you vote?"

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