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Gay Pride Goes Corporate, Outrage Ensues

Shabazz: You've Arrived as an Organization When Corporations Want to Slap Their Logo on Everything You Do

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From USA Today:

During his childhood, Brent Miller, 42, rarely saw positive media representation of the LGBTQ community.

“Everything that I saw was basically media coverage about gay men dying,” said Miller, who is gay. “Everything that I saw was negative reinforcement of what it meant to be gay.”

Fast forward to this June. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the police raid of New York's Stonewall Inn, which ignited the LGBTQ rights movement. Miller, associate director of global beauty communications at Procter & Gamble, is leading Pantene’s "Don't Hate Me Because I'm BeautifuLGBTQ" ad campaign which hearkens back to its famous 1986 slogan. Pantene says the campaign redefines what "'beautiful' looks like in today’s world by featuring a range of people within the LGBTQ+ community and their own unique stories of transformation."  

The Procter & Gamble hair care brand was in good company in June as a long list of companies packaged and promoted Pride Month, which has grown into an annual celebration of LGBTQ contributions to society. Apparel brands including Adidas, Levi'sand Michael Kors; restaurant chains like Chipotle, Just Salads and Fresh & Co.; and tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft — have either launched Pride-themed products, run LGBTQ-themed ads, or donated to nonprofit organizations that support the community. 

You would think that all that corporate backing and support would be appreciated by EVERYONE in the LGBTQ community. You would also be wrong.

WIBC hosts Abdul-Hakim Shabazz and Rob Kendall discuss why some people are upset by the corporatization of pride in the clip below.

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