Great News! Governor Eric Holcolmb Wants a Soccer Stadium Now!


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Great News! Governor Eric Holcolmb Wants a Soccer Stadium Now!

Locations in Downtown and Broad Ripple Being Considered... BROAD RIPPLE, PEOPLE!

Hey taxpayers, Governor Eric Holcomb would appreciate it very much if you wouldn't mind terribly digging a little deeper into your pockets and funding a soccer stadium in our fair city. That's right; SOCCER!

According to an article published Monday in the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ):

"Indy Eleven has proposed a $550 million mixed-use project that would include apartments, retail, office space and a permanent soccer stadium for the team. The 20,000-seat stadium would cost about $150 million. Team owner Ersal Ozdemir will ask lawmakers and local officials to create special districts that would capture tax revenue to pay off the bonds for the stadium part of the project. 

A location for the development has not been finalized, but locations downtown and in Broad Ripple are being considered."

Oh gee, a 20,000 seat stadium in Broad Ripple. Well, that should certainly pose no traffic issues whatsoever. We all know how swimmingly traffic moves along Westfield Boulevard.

'Holcomb said he needs to know more details about how the project could work before taking a specific position on it. But he compared the situation to when Indianapolis and state leaders debated plans for stadiums for the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers.

'We had vision and foresight and commitment and a little bit of courage,' Holcomb said. 'And soccer and lacrosse are sports that draw an equal amount of not just attention but investment.'"

The Chicks on the RIght aren't buying the Governor's vision:


"And it's outdoors! So for $550 million you don't even get to sit inside! That makes a lot of sense in Indiana!"


"Don't they already play at Lucas Oil? So what's wrong with that? It's a beautiful place there. What's the problem? Do they not have good enough snacks?"


"Wouldn't there need to be evidence that there are enough people interested in attending to justify a stadium? How many people go to see the Indy Eleven games? Like nine people?"

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