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Guilty Until Proven Innocent! (R) Jeff Flake: 'Not Comfortable' Voting for Kavanaugh.

Mock: "Accuser doesn't remember what happened, but she's sure she was assaulted."

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Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court is in jeopardy Monday, after GOP Senate Judiciary Committee member Jeff Flake said he is uncomfortable voting to advance Kavanaugh's nomination after the nominee's sexual assault accuser went public with her allegations... Unproven allegations... Completely unproven allegations that only came to the surface recently amid Democrats' last desperate attempts to block the Kavanaugh nomination entirely. 

Ah, but this is the era of #MeToo, which grants every female who accuses a man of sexual harassment the right to immediately castrate the accused, destroy his professional career, and kill any of his male offspring - unless, of course, said offspring opt to change genders, which would eliminate the potential threat without the need for execution.

Is the above sentence a run-on?

At any rate, The Chicks on the Right have had enough of this #MeToo movement run amok:


"I hope Jeff Flake never tried to make a pass at anyone in high school. Every guy I know made a pass at a girl in high school and every girl I know has been hit on."


"No, they were assaulted."


"The quintessential high school experience, and I'm completely floored that this woman decided to come out, what, 30 years later?"


"And she doesn't really quite remember what happened."


"Right, she doesn't remember exactly what happened, how she got there, but she's sure she was assaulted."


"She doesn't remember exactly, but she may have been killed by him."

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